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Many people may not know the history of Tudor watches. Tudor was born in 1952 and is also a Swiss watch with brand history. When it was first founded, Tudor wanted to use the well-known Rolex brand for promotion. The reason why it can be related to Rolex is because the famous Rolex waterproof design is shared on Tudor. It can be seen that many of Tudor's own hardware are actually not worse than Rolex watches. Not long ago, Tudor also invited the famous star Beckham as its spokesperson, Tudor's global strategic plan is gradually in progress. There are also many Tudor watch enthusiasts all over the world, and the excellent price-performance ratio and exquisite appearance are still very eye-catching. Recently Tudor has launched a new Pelagos 25600TB watch. XF, as the best replica watch manufacturer of Tudor, has also made an effort. Whether we can continue the quality of the real tudor pelagos 25600TB, let us wait and see.

From the appearance point of view, the Tudor Pelagos 25600TB Replica Watch has a diameter of 42 mm, the case is made of titanium, and the surface is polished and polished to show a unique luster and rough appearance. It is said that the original version of this watch is a modern industrial method used for an upgrade of Ref.9411-0. Of course, it is indispensable to use new materials. The case of this watch is made of titanium metal, which makes it more Good corrosion resistance and scratch resistance. Its 1: 1 clone version has two colors, black and blue, the best version purchase link in the world tudor replica watch

The outer ring of this 1: 1 made replica watch is also full of creativity. The outer ring of the bezel is also smeared with genuine luminous, upgraded and strengthened the blue scale of the bezel and the literal nail, which is difficult for many replica watches. In order to prevent the luminous paint from being damaged, a protective coating was also specially made on the outer number.

Tudor Pelagos 25600TB Replica Watch bezel is made of ceramic material, white font and black ceramic material, classic black and white match, update the classic atmosphere of the watch. It also changes the old style of Tudor. The previous zf version and xf version of the titanium potato have a big problem. The white filling of the outer circle lettering is easy to yellow. This is related to the filling material. The upgrade is the same as the original filling material, so it is difficult to be oxidized and yellow.

Regarding the dial literals, some of the literal designs are a bit like the bevel design of IWC Portugal, not the flat shape of Rolex. At the same time, in the beveled part, a triangle and eleven square notches are made to fit the night light Scale, so that no solder joints appear on the back of the literal, making the back not visible on the literal more beautiful, this is also the essence of the original design, the real tribute to the original.

tudor pelagos 25600TB replica watch
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Tudor Pelagos 25600TB Replica Watch, the three-dimensional geometric hour mark and the "snowflake" pointer with the diving logo feature are treated with a fluorescent coating. Even if it can be accurately read even in extreme environments, the small window at 3 o'clock can be seen clearly To date. The XF factory upgraded version of the movement uses a more stable 9015 movement, which can provide a power reserve of about 52 hours, the error can be adjusted to the observatory certification standard, and the design similarity can be comparable to the original! Titanium strap and automatic adjustment buckle, the length of the buckle can be adjusted freely, and the design of the buckle has an opening. This design is very rare and very unique. The strap is made of titanium, and the fine adjustment of the buckle spring is the same as the genuine one, which is suitable for metal allergies. And with a set of natural rubber band. Tudor Pelagos 25600TB Replica Watch has opened a new diving replica watches competition, and also gave more friends who love diving watches more choices. The unique texture of titanium metal, the texture is hard but not falling.

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